First team injury update

Posted: Saturday 12th October 2019 - 6:00 PM

Matt will also once again be part of the backroom staff supporting the England and Great Britain squads down under this autumn before returning to link up with the Tigers in November.



Cheyse unfortunately picked up a foot injury in the Warrington play-off game. He’s got some minor damage to the Lisfranc area of his foot but it’s not as bad as we first thought and he played on against Warrington and then against Salford, plus he trained in between. We’ve seen a specialist and at the moment we’re not planning any surgical repair but he’s in a boot for a few weeks whilst we just see how it settles down.



Shenny would have had a chance of playing in our play-off semi-final had we got there. His injury has progressed very nicely but it was just bad timing for him. He’ll make a full recovery and he’ll start pre-season on day one.



Jake picked up a sternum injury but he’s recovered from that now and he’ll be fine to go on the England and Great Britain tour which will be awesome for him.



Liam’s the same as Jake, he’ll be fine for international duty. He picked up a finger injury which ruled him out for a few weeks towards the end of the season but that won’t cause him any problems.



Mike picked up a haematoma in his quad in the Wigan game. It’s a really bad dead leg where the impact was so intense it caused an 15cm tear on his quad muscle and a nasty bleed. It’s taken some healing has this one and if it had been during the season he would have missed six to eight weeks with this injury. He’s four weeks into his recovery now post-season and he’s healing slowly. These things take time but he’ll be ready around the start of pre-season training.



He’s had his wrist clean out. He had a big bit of bone in there which was affecting his function and grip. He’s had it for most of the season and we’d always planned to have that cleaned out at the end of the year. He’s had it done and he’s already back in the gym so he’ll start pre-season absolutely fine.



Junior had a really traumatic injury to his hip as we know. He had a bad fracture and some joint problems so it’s a long-term one but everything has gone really well so far. It’s just a case of letting his recovery run its course and his return to play will be in that six to nine months range. He’ll be ready around he start of the season in February hopefully but we’ll see how it goes with Junior.



Again, Alex has needed quite a lot of surgery around his patellofemoral joint and he’s doing really well. We went to see a consultant last week and he’s given Fozzy the green light to start running in four to six weeks. That will be a similar time to the start of our pre-season but we’ll have to be very careful with his rehab and he won’t train with the boys for a couple of months. We’re looking at that nine-month mark for Alex being ready to play which again will be around the start of the season or maybe a month into it. We’ll see how he goes but we’ve been highly delighted with his progression so far.