Now Hiring: Safety Stewards

Posted: Friday 23rd April 2021 - 9:00 AM

Castleford Tigers and other sporting venues are on the hunt for 20 Safety Stewards, you can find a full job description and details on how to apply below.


Job title: Safety Steward

Reports to: Event Safety Team Supervisor

Department: Security

Responsible for: N/A

Job Purpose: To assist in ensuring the safety and security of all spectators, staff, and clients and to provide a welcoming service at all times.

Main Duties:

To provide a safe environment for all spectators, within each specific venue, by maintaining health and safety procedures and adhering to the event briefing documentation /venue health and safety policies.

To provide excellent customer service, through professional communication, to meet and greet the public, staff, and clients, handle queries and complaints and give directions.

To attend all brief and debrief meetings promptly, to ensure full understanding, and to follow all instructions pre, during and post-event.

To be aware of, report and log any potential safety and security incident, using the site-specific method (such as pocketbook, report card, completion of relevant section of the briefing document), and to then hand in to the Event Safety Team Supervisor, either immediately or at event close, depending on the severity of the incident. To then take direction accordingly.

To monitor the event crowd for signs of stress and conflict and, if concerned, communicate this to the Event Safety Team Supervisor.

To work as part of the event safety team in relation to the event brief and assist colleagues as and when deemed necessary.

To assist in the control of entries, in terms of spectator flow, and exits for emergencies and egress.

To take guidance and follow instructions regarding any emergencies from the Event Safety Team Supervisor and Event Control to ensure the safety and security of all spectators.

To follow and understand instructions from the Event Safety Team Supervisor, Event Control and Event Management and to carry out additional duties, as required.


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