Tigresses weigh in on “smaller rugby balls” debate

Posted: Friday 23rd October 2020 - 10:56 PM

Speaking on ‘The NRLW Show’ former Jillaroo, Ferguson, argued that reducing the size and weight of the ball would have a massive impact on the women’s game; especially when it comes to passing and kicking.

Ruan Sims, who in 2016 became the first ever female player to secure an NRL contract, questioned the idea saying: “You can’t have one football for club competition and have a different football for Origin and international.

“I think that opens up a big can of worms because then you’ve got a different size ball, you’ve got to learn how to use it.

“It’s different in weight, in size, so then going from that ball to a regular size ball for Origin and international, that’s a huge difference.”

The two also disagreed on when such a decision could be implemented with next year being a World Cup year. You can watch the discussion HERE.

The topic got many talking on social media, including some of the Tigresses.

England international Tamzin Renouf (Sponsored by Anthony Higgins Transport) tweeted: “No need for a size four ball. We are all capable enough of playing with a size five. We have been playing with size fives since we were all 16.

“I wouldn’t make a single change. We want to play rugby league, we don’t want to be labelled as the women’s rugby league, this would not help the women’s game in the slightest.”

2019 Grand Final try scorer Lacey Owen (Sponsored by Melanie Allatt Photography) also gave her take saying: “Crazy! Again, attempting to make changes within the women’s game. How would a ball one size smaller improve the game? The majority of women playing the game have only ever played with a size five. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.”

Another England international, Kelsey Gentles (Sponsored by Weltch Media, Castle Commercial Cleaning Services and Atkinson’s Fencing and Decking Specialists), said: “As one of the ‘smaller players’ we’ve adapted how to play with the size five ball, why change it now? Yes our hands are smaller but we know how to pass and kick the ball, absolutely no need for a smaller ball.”

Rhiannion Marshall (Sponsored by Castle Commercial Cleaning Services) pulled no punches adding: “We are more than capable of kicking and playing with a size five ball. We are not toddlers.”


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