Include your name on our Club 1926 shirt!

Posted: Wednesday 27th May 2020 - 7:00 AM

With the ongoing season suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Club was contacted by many supporters asking how they could financially support the Tigers during these uncertain times, prompting the launch of the Club 1926 project.

Based on the year the Castleford club was formed, Club 1926 costs a one-off payment of £19.26 for a membership, with Club 1926 members receiving:

  • A three-month subscription to Tigers TV.
  • A three-month membership of the Tigers Lottery.
  • Your name sublimated into the design of a new Club 1926 training t-shirt due to be launched shortly and delivered in late summer.
  • Your name printed in a future edition of the club’s monthly ROAR magazine.

The training t-shirt will be produced by the club’s partner Elite Pro Sports and will have the names of all of the inaugural Club 1926 members incorporated into the design (up to a maximum of 1,926 members).

However, the t-shirt will be available to pre-order to everybody, not just Club 1926 members, and the cost will not be included in the Club 1926 package.

To become a Club 1926 member, please sign up by HERE.

Once the payment has been processed, you will automatically have an account created on Tigers TV and will be automatically enrolled onto the Tigers Lottery.

Pre-order the first-ever Club 1926 t-shirt HERE.

*** The name you provide when signing up will be the one used to sublimate into the design of the Club 1926 T-shirt. However, should you wish to use a different name as part of the design, please contact confirming the details. ***

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